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"Welcome to Guilty Pleasures Restaurant & Nightclub!" Here at Guilty Pleasures we provide you with an experience much grander than a fulfilled appetite.

Hot Off The Grill

Image: Steak


Some good Ole' Grilling makes every meal great. Whether you prefer a fine strip of meat such as a New York Strip or something a little heavier like a T Bone Steak. Our tender and juicy meats will be cooked to perfection and served the way you like it. "Taste the REAL difference"


Taste of New Orleans

Image: Shrimp Creole


We have brought the great taste of New Orleans signature dishes to southern California. Classic Dishes such as Shrimp Creole, Infamous Po'Boys, Red Beans and Rice, Cajun Stuffed Potatoes, Gumbo, Etouffee and Seafood cooked your way (Blackened, Grilled or Fried). "All made from scratch so you can taste the REAL difference"


Taste of Home

Image: Rib Plate


Now you can really get a taste of home when you dine with us. We have BBQ Ribs, Smoked Brisket Smothered Chicken, Pork Chops, Meatloaf, Pot Roast, Baked Chicken, BBQ Chicken and all veggies that come with your meal are made from scratch. "Taste the REAL difference"


Taste of Mexico

Image: Mexican Plate


We decided to bring the best of across the border cuisine to you without the travel; Grilled Enchiladas with your choice of Beef, Chicken or Cheese, Classic Mexican Tacos, Homemade Tamales, Fajitas and our delicious Ceviche. All made from scratch "Taste the REAL difference"


Taste of Italy


We have taken signature dishes from Italy; Chicken alfredo with white wine sauce, lasagna with home made red wine sauce, Chicken musala with musala wine sauce and made them our own with each all made from scratch.




Image: Breakfast


All American styled breakfast with more than enough options to make it taste like its fresh out of moms kitchen. We have many flavors of pancakes  that will satisfy both your breakfast cravings and sweet tooth; Original Buttermilk, Bacon lovers, Southern Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Banana. The Classic Chicken and Waffles, Southern style Sourdough French Toast, 3 Pigs in a blanket. For an egg choice we have: Bacon and eggs Omelets, Ham and Cheese Omelet, Sausage and Cheese Omelets, Veggie Omelets and Breakfast Burritos. To satisfy a little sweet tooth we have a crepes with choices of Cherry Kijafa and Peach. Everything made from scratch. "Taste the REAL difference"


Our Menu

-Free Drink Specials

Free on Mon - Fri 11AM - 1PM


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Monday - Martini

Tuesday - Tequeila

Wednesday - Wine

Thursday - Mojeto

Friday - Margarita


Image: Happy Hour

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